Writing doctoral dissertations

Doctoral studies are referred to as the first stage in a scientific career.

They allow you to acquire and expand your research skills in a specific field of study and life. These are studies for mature people who have completed the basic stage of higher education, for people who know what they want to do in life. This allows for a clear determination of priorities and making informed decisions, which will certainly result in the future.

The increase in the level of scolarisation at the higher level means that the master’s degree is losing popularity in present times. His place is taken by a doctorate, a title valued and increasingly desirable.

A doctoral dissertation, known as a dissertation, requires time and a lot of commitment. Our knowledge and skills should be translated into solving scientific problems posed at work. Particular emphasis is placed on the analytical part, which requires commitment, originality and the ability to make their own conclusions.

We have experience in preparing specialized texts, including doctoral dissertations. The creation of the work is done by professionals with extensive experience familiar with the realities prevailing at British and foreign universities.

Doctoral dissertations are ambitious goals and tasks for us, and the experience gained while writing numerous doctoral degrees allows us to define ourselves as specialists.

Writing doctoral dissertations in banking and finance

The economic development of the country is accompanied by an increase in social needs. These needs, depending on the organization of state power, can be satisfied, among others by the central administration or by self-government authorities.

Today, a lot has changed. The fall of communism and, consequently, the privatization of enterprises resulted in a significant increase in the sensitivity of the company’s management to cost issues. The requirements for employees have also become higher. The companies started to focus on qualified personnel – therefore the professionally recruited process began to develop.

Writing doctoral dissertations in economics

  • English philology
  • Classical philology
  • Philosophy
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Humanities
  • Informatics
  • Macros and unique directions
  • maths
  • Social Sciences
  • Education

The exceptional interest of representatives of various scientific disciplines – psychologists, pedagogues, sociologists, and cultural studies – seems to concentrate on life plans, desires and aspirations of young generations. This probably results from the fact that the intentions and aspirations of young people (the implementation of these expectations) to a large extent determine the direction of development of societies, affect the image of social and economic life, play a significant role in today and future functioning of individuals and smaller and larger social groups.

  • Political Science
  • Law and administration
  • Sociology
  • International relations
  • Transport and logistics
  • Management and Marketing

The level of complexity of economic processes requires their proper organization, management, documentation of their course and settlement of the results. Increasingly, this applies to the services sector.

Fulfilling the majority of requirements related to the functioning of an enterprise, plant or service point is forced by an appropriate legal act. Based on the division introduced by marketing services, it can be said that the work of the so-called facilities. There also have their source of technological or product innovations. It was only due to the relational marketing of services that the center of interest of service managers was the area stretching “in front of the visibility line”, ie the sphere of interaction with the service recipients. It happened because it was noticed that all the innovative processes undertaken at the back had sense when they resulted in perceptible improvement of the buyer’s service.

For the modern employer, the management of professional competences becomes more and more important in the management of human resources. The capital of today’s companies is first of all a resource of competence that employees, co-workers and subcontractors have.

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