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Story about PhD writing

7 things that I would like to know starting my PhD Somehow at the beginning of my doctorate, even before I started writing this blog, I came across Enrico Glerean presentation about two ways for a successful PhD. Doctoral students were divided there into those who “wasted time” and those who “did not waste” him. […]


Writing doctoral dissertations

Doctoral studies are referred to as the first stage in a scientific career. They allow you to acquire and expand your research skills in a specific field of study and life. These are studies for mature people who have completed the basic stage of higher education, for people who know what they want to do […]


Preparation for writing a master thesis

Before you start writing your master thesis, choose the appropriate master seminar with the Promoter. Here you should be guided primarily by your interests and before choosing a seminar you should think about the scope of your future work. To start preparing to write a job, you do not need a fully formulated subject, but […]