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7 things that I would like to know starting my PhD

Somehow at the beginning of my doctorate, even before I started writing this blog, I came across Enrico Glerean presentation about two ways for a successful PhD. Doctoral students were divided there into those who “wasted time” and those who “did not waste” him.

We know – there are more of these paths and these two are generalizations. In addition, the presentation did not specify which of these paths is better. But – anyway – she gave me a lot to think about at the beginning.

Look at her here, it’s not long, and I’ll come back to my reply

A brief history of my beginnings

First of all, my doctorate was not my plan for a cradle’s life;) Despite being involved in various scientific projects during my studies, even by graduating, I was not yet determined whether I wanted to continue working in science. On the one hand, I liked the scientific work itself incredibly and drew heavily, on the other hand the realities of doctoral studies did not encourage them to start.

At the time when I was determined to work practically outside the academy, I got – in all a bit by chance, a little coincident – as it is usually in my life;) a doctoral offer in Hannover. A bit of a second thought, a little replenishment of life, and – it went. Moving and starting in a new place, a new language. If you want – let me know, someday I will write more about it … But the challenges at the beginning were definitely lacking 🙂

It turned out that I came across the work system that I had dreamed about – with a great deal of independence, freedom, a little less support than I expected, in general I would say – immediately into deep water. A doctoral student in engineering at DE (or at my university) is by no means a student and is not treated as such – he is the manager of his project, his CEO, COO, CFO;), and also a contractor.

Coming back to the presentation – these issues at the beginning gave me to understand that I do not want to hurry with my doctorate. After two and a half years I can say that I am successful with the latter option – that I want to make the most of the time and opportunities that I have and that I am really satisfied with this choice. Two and a half years have passed so quickly that I do not know when, and on the other hand looking from the perspective of time and experiences gained during this time, I am no longer the person that I was starting this adventure. I have the impression that it was a good choice 🙂

And so recently I said that I want to write down those things that I would like to know right away, at the beginning, starting my PhD.

7 things that I would like to know starting my PhD

(1) Time for reading is essential. It is really worth to reserve time regularly to find out what is happening in this field of science and in the industry in which I intend to stay for the next years. That narrowing down only to what is my topic, after time will not help me, but rather hurt. I see the results right now, especially when I work with companies – broader knowledge helps.

(2) Side projects make sense. Putting your project down a bit, even for a few months, in order to realize a completely minor subject with the students at the same time – it also makes sense. Of course, if this project is in my field of interest;) But these are things that will not come to my doctorate.

(3) Non-academic projects are a great opportunity for development. Involvement in initiatives that are not strictly scientific – like this blog, such as volunteering at the Foundation and the organization of the first SPP Meetup conference in Berlin – bring more good than it seemed at first.

(4) It is always worth breaking over. Break the fear of taking the initiative, fear of committing to something outside your comfort zone, and even a bit beyond your abilities …

(5) It is important to look for people to learn from. You probably know that sometimes a few words heard or one conversation can sort your thoughts like nothing else. Support for other people, groups or mentors can not be replaced and rarely comes to us alone. You have to move and look around 🙂

(6) Mistakes will never be avoided. Unsuccessful cooperation, disappointments and hopes that have not come out, are simply part of this process, this path.

and last:

(7) that there will never be a better time to enlarge the family than this one, when there is no lack of energy or flexibility, nothing 🙂 I recently looked at the calendar from 2016. The fact was intense, but when I saw all these trips – both professional and conference, and vacation-trip – it surprised me that so much was happening. And then I remembered the big June conference in the Netherlands, which I was going practically straight from canoeing trip under tents. There will never be a better time than the one that is happening right now. So the key – do not give up the opportunity, the opportunity, do not “oversee” things too deeply not to overdo it. Sometimes it’s better to just act, in the end here and now life happens.

You see – I wrote myself a lot today (probably for the first time like this :)), but I’m happy. I wanted to share this with you. These points above and the presentation that I threw at the beginning are what I wanted to tell you about myself and about my adventure with science.

In the meantime, I hope that this little creature, which will appear in the world any day, will allow me to read a little from time to time, work a bit and write here too, despite the annual leave I have decided on 🙂

At the end I leave you with a contradictory quote;) You agree with him?

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