Preparation for writing a master thesis

Before you start writing your master thesis, choose the appropriate master seminar with the Promoter. Here you should be guided primarily by your interests and before choosing a seminar you should think about the scope of your future work.

To start preparing to write a job, you do not need a fully formulated subject, but it is important to determine the subject area corresponding to the work as well as the interests of the person writing. Everyone bears full responsibility for the work they write and is often the key to further their career, therefore the decision on the choice of subject should be well thought out.

It is also necessary to make a decision regarding the form of work – whether it will be only a theoretical or theoretical-empirical part.

When preparing to write a thesis, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • At the outset, the purpose of the work should be clearly and precisely defined
  • The work should be a reflection of the author’s interests, should be interesting and unique
  • The subject matter of the work should be strictly included in a specific volume
  • Account should be taken of the availability of literature sources in the field of work
  • When you set goals and meet the above items, you can proceed to the initial topic and create a work outline.

Writing master theses

Each master thesis is the final stage of studies, presenting in one study their knowledge, skills acquired during the whole education and creating a unique project. Originality and uniqueness has a very large impact on the final evaluation of the work. Each work should be based on professional literature, often inaccessible items – although it should also contain its own contribution, conclusions, opinions and own position.

All literature sources should be reliable and documented. Often these are books, publications, articles, and Internet sources. The quality of work is certainly boosted by various types of research, jurisprudence and foreign literature.

In the case of research, both the literature and the empirical part must form a coherent whole and not differ from each other. The work must be correct linguistically and methodologically.

Price list of master theses

All prices are determined individually and depend on the type of assistance provided, customer expectations, and the following factors:

  • – Text volume
  • – Delivery time
  • – Difficulty
  • – The language in which the work is to be written
  • To obtain information on costs, please use the form. A non-binding and free valuation of the order will be made.

Help in choosing a topic

The choice of subject should definitely belong to the Student. Our role is to help in formulating it, defining goals and giving shape. We should consider what we are interested in. We should also take into account the fact that just writing a thesis is just the beginning of the path to the master. The work should still be defended against the examination board, hence the importance of written in the field in which we feel good and is not foreign to us.

The master thesis requires us to make our own contribution, which is why all the hypotheses and assumptions made by us should be based on existing considerations. When presenting the literature, we must bear in mind that the empirical part will be based on it.

For a study to be coherent, specific and fully exhaustive, the thematic framework should be defined. The topic can not be too extensive, describing many issues, otherwise we will not be able to exhaustively present our problem.

Professional literature

Before we start formulating a topic, we need to determine the availability of literature sources from the field we are interested in.

To find out what their availability is:

Go to the library and browse the literature catalogs

Libraries also provide electronic databases of their resources, so you can do such a review without leaving your home

In most libraries, there are also legibility, providing literature only for viewing in the reading room, but you can copy selected items. These are generally textbooks and hard to find studies

You should also look at internet sources

In addition to book literature, all kinds of life examples, publications or press articles should also be used.

All used items must be collected and placed in the Labor Bibliography.

The ability to use a bibliography is evaluated by the promoter and reviewer and has a significant impact on the assessment.

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